Vikram Vedha Review & Rating


Vikram Vedha Review

Vikram Vedha Review & Rating 1


Vikram Vedha, the movie featuring the ever loved Madhavan and our very own VijaySethupathi finally released after some issues. Here is the movie review of Vikram Vedha. The film is like cat vs mouse, good vs bad as portrayed in the trailer. Now let us get into the detailed review of Vikram Vedha.


Vijay Sethupathi as Gangster and Madhavan as an Intelligent Cop are the key elements of the film as you all know. The story seems to be just a story between a cop and a gangster but the film has much more to offer. The writing is so strong and the screenplay is really good. The director has put a lot of effort in the screenplay and writing. The adaptation of Vikramadityan – Vedhalam kind of structure in a North Chennai background should be appreciated. Pushkar- Gayathri the director of the film needs a special mention! 

The film is technically strong too. Sam’s BGM plays a vital role in the film, the Vedha’s BGM elevates VijaySethupathi’s mass in many scenes. The songs were also good and a special mention to ” Yaangi ” song, it’s too good!


The cinematography should also be appreciated, the frames are apt to the story. The movie doesn’t have a single scene which is unnecessary, everything is for a reason.

The film falls in the line of Cult Classic. It deserves a Blockbuster status, but will our audience give that? we have to wait to see that.


Verdict: The much-needed break for Kollywood!

Rating: 3.5/5


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